I’ve purchased this perfume as a free gift with my Yves Rocher foundation. You can find a review about the foundation here.




This perfume has a very light scent. It is definitely a good perfume for spring time. The scent is very feminine and I can imagine that it would suits women of all ages. Anytime I smell it, it just makes me feel happy. Sounds really weird, I know. But I do enjoy wearing this perfume a lot. 🙂

According to their website, when you firstly apply it, you can smell violet leaves. While it settles down, it is a combination of rose, jasmine and wild lily of the valley blossom. The whole scent is based on a note of patchouli.

Packaging is very nice, simple, and the most important for most of women out there, the bottle is very light. It can be very handy when you want to take it out with you. Also it fits a small handbag as well.

Even though I got this perfume as a free gift, I would recommend it. It is slightly pricey. 100 ml costs £51, at the moment they have 50% sale, so you can get this perfume for £26.50.

I think it is really worth to watch their websites as they have lots of good offers. If you’re not sure if you’d like some of their products, just wait for sales, or get them as a free gift/sample. Which is what I did.

I hope you enjoyed my review. What’s your favorite fragrance at the moment? What would you recommend as a spring perfume?

M x

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