Last weekend, I was lucky enough to get an unexpected ticket to Beyoncé’s concert as a gift from my sibling. The concert was a part of her Formation World Tour. To be honest, I did not think that I am going to see her this year until last minute. So it makes sense, that I did not feel any excitement until a night before the concert.

Being there and watching her performance has brought back some of my memories and thoughts why I actually adore her.

It started when I was in my teens. I was a normal teenage girl who had couple of idols. I remember seeing her in Destiny’s Child. Even though at that time, I did now know all of their names, she was the one who stood out of the group for me. I think I liked her the most. Mainly in music video for song Bootylicious, with her blond hair which had pink ends. I remember saying to my friends, that I’d love to do that to my hair, not pink, but a different color. Well, let me tell you that I never did it 🙂

Then comes time when she publishes her first album and my admiration for her keeps growing. At that time, there was no YouTube, Internet was not same as is now, so the only option how I could see her was MTV. Oh I loved her so much! Her songs, clothes/hair/make-up in music videos. If I am being honest, she became more fashion icon to me with her album B’Day which has music videos for each of its songs. I could listen/watch her every single day. Luckily, there was YouTube, so I spent lots of time watching her performances, concerts, interviews which I did not understand any word as at that time I was not speaking and understanding English that well as I do now. But it never stopped me from following her.

At that time I was her really huge fan! 🙂  I was searching her a lot as I she was my big inspiration. Not only when it comes to fashion and beauty. Anytime I went to work out, her body was something I wanted to reach out. Well, let’s be honest, it still is. 🙂

At the exact same time, I went to see her concert for the first time in my life. And it was so worth it! 🙂 I’m not a person who goes to the church, but let me tell you. She has got a gift from God. She can sign and dance at the same time. She’s a part of dance group instead of them doing the show at the stage. Her outfits are always on top and I don’t think I will ever understand how quickly and often she can change them. Seeing her again after 7 years… She is still as good as before, not even better. 🙂

To me, she is someone who is going to be always ahead in everything what she does. I will always like her style, work out so hard so I can get ”body like Beyoncé”, and just listen to her wise words. Because I look at her as a human being as well. She is  a very sympathetic, intelligent woman who might pay a very high price for what she’s doing. She might have an access to clothes from any brand and designer I can only dream of (you can really tell I like fashion 🙂 ), she might visits the most beautiful places I have never been to but she can’t go for a walk without being photographed or stopped by strangers. She can’t have a private life as much as I have.

When it comes to her love life… After listening to her current album Lemonade, everybody was wondering who’s Becky with the good hair?  Let’s be honest, being in a long-term relationship is not as easy as we can think. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but as long as you can work on it, forgive, move on from mistakes, that’s all what matter. I think she has just showed me another reason why I adore her 🙂

If life gives you lemons, make a Lemonade 👑🐝🍋

Photos by beyonce.com


Do you find yourself as a big fan of Beyoncé too? What do you like about her the most?

If she’s not on top list of inspirational people for you, who is then? Let’s share it and inspire each other 🙂


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