Before I start to talk about my own experience with Christmas, let’s welcome Blogmas on Marketa’s World. It’s a first time I am taking a challenge like this over here.  For me being inconsistent this year, it’s going to be a huge challenge because I’m going to post here every day until 25th December. What can you expect in December on Marketa’s World? Without giving you too much of spoiler, it’s going to be very Christmassy here. 😊

So what does Christmas mean to me? Well I have to be honest, I am not a big fan of Christmas at all. I know that this fact about me is a matter of my previous experience in childhood. But before I’ll become a new Miss Grinch, let’s try to be a little bit positive because it’s always much easier to find so many negative things.

When I was a child, I loved Christmas! I loved looking up to windows and see what decorations and lights other people put up on. On a Christmas day I loved that we could spend a day playing outside in the snow, sledge and un-patiently look for a little Jesus who’ll bring us presents in the evening. I could not wait until I heard bell ringing which meant I will find presents under the Christmas tree.

What does Christmas mean to me now? I guess Christmas does not have any magic anymore. I miss having white Christmas. Instead of we are having more – as we say in Czech – muddy Christmas. Christmas lost its magic since shops are selling us Christmas chocolates and decorations since the end of September. You can see so many people rushing, being rude in shops towards each other and the whole Christmas time has become more materialistic than time you suppose to spend with your family. It looks like more and more people are in non-said competition of who gets/buy the most expensive gift. Who’s got the best Instagram photo of their table decorations and so on.

For me Christmas is not about gifts, although nothing can beat the fact when you make somebody happy, smiling and full of joy. This can happen by not giving a present for £££, it could be even for less or even your own presence can actually do the whole magic!

The magic of Christmas for me rest on the group of people I am surrounded by, my friends and family.

My perfect Christmas Day would start with a walk in snow with people who are the closest to me, it would be out of a big city to get a real Christmas mood. Later on we’d get ready for the evening without any stress a.k.a having a perfect dinner in exact time, opening up presents in exact time, etc. All of this could happen with only one person or even with a bunch of friends/family members as long as everyone is not stressing and simply enjoying the beauty of presence.

What does Christmas mean to you? How would look like your perfect Christmas Day?

With love



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