Writing this post is one of the most exciting moments for me because I’d like you to welcome on my new adventure. When you are reading this post, I am more than likely sitting at Heathrow and waiting for my flight. Probably shaking by the excitement I feel, a little nervous as well and definitely counting down hours before arriving into the final destination where I’ll spend almost 2 amazing weeks!

So what’s the secret destination you can join me in?

❤ Bali ❤

Why did I choose to go to Bali? Well one of the many reasons is, that it’s just tiny-weeny-little-far-away from Australia! :-))) Nope, let’s be honest now. I guess most of people go there after seeing a movie staring Julia Roberts called Eat, Pray, Love – some of you actually might prefer the book version which I’ve never read. (I should be honest here, actually – I tried to read the book, but never finished.) Since seeing this movie, I am most than likely one of the people who decided to go for this destination a.k.a spiritual healing, they probably hope they’ll find the right way towards to themselves and visiting Bali will change their lives.

Well my reason is a little bit different. As you might know I am a big dreamer of Down Under which probably should be the holiday I should go at first place! But I just always felt like I don’t want to do it before visiting Bali.  When I was thinking about big holidays which I really do deserve, I thought about it as a treatment for myself. As saying: For everything you went through in your whole life, here’s a gift you deserve no matter what other people might say! I wanted a holiday which would be far away from Europe, a little bit exotic and mostly safe because I’ll be travelling on my own.

Bali always crossed my mind like the first step of travel, the first one, the beginning of my big travel journey. Although it already might started when I moved to England, or visited Rome during Christmas time in 2015 all by myself. But Bali for me seems to be more magical, spiritual, as a gift to myself as a reminder that I actually can make my dreams come true, even though it takes a little bit longer than I’d like. I remember being at Uni and living on £20/£30 a month, reading blogs of people who moved Down Under and who visited all of those exotic countries. Thinking I’ll never ever visit them, only with my finger pointing at them on a map, or while watching YouTube videos or photos on Pinterest. And here we go, after almost 10 years since I lived a-real-nightmare-life-style to the fact, that I am sitting at Heathrow right now and waiting for my flight with final destination in Bali. I think I won’t believe it until I’ll be there with my bare feet in sand, soaking up the sun, vibe, learning a different culture and meeting all of those interesting people. Finally I’ll be such a tiny-weeny-little-away from Australia 🙂


So are you going to join me on my new adventure?


With love

Marketa xx


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