Let’s talk about hair this time 🙂

I don’t think that I’ve ever considered of using dry shampoo before. If I’m being honest, I never took such a care of my hair before as I do nowadays. Sitting in a hairdresser chair and seeing how damaged they were, I’ve decided to take much better way of caring my hair as much as I do when it comes to skincare.

Dyeing my hair in ginger/red/magenta shades means that the color wash itself very quickly. Which is not what I like as I do not want to end up of dyeing my hair every month. I used to wash my hair every other day as they were oily very quickly. Sometimes I could do it every single day. But with shades of my hair I like to wear, and letting them grow long, it doesn’t seem to be a very clever idea as it took time to wash them properly, dry them, etc.

The reason why I have not use dry shampoo before until now is that I kind of was suspicious about the whole idea. I did not think it might really work, was worried about white marks on my hair and that everyone would be able to see it. Not sure what has happened that I’ve changed my mind about trying it, maybe seeing so many YouTubers trying different types and being really happy with results and the product itself.

Once I was in Superdrug, I thought I will give a try to Toni & Guy Dry Shampoo. I like the packaging, as it looks very clean and simple which for me is suitable with the product and what it promises. I’ve used it a second day after my hair had been washed, on the day I would usually wash them. I brushed my hair and spray the product on top of my hair. The first thing I’d like to mention is the smell of it, which is very enjoyable. It’s fresh, clean and even other people has asked me what I’ve used as my hair smells really lovely. The other thing is the feel when you use the shampoo. Once you apply it, it’s like you put an ice on top of your head. I’m not joking, it has an icy vibe which I found enjoyable as well. It felt like I’m cleaning my hair with some minty shampoo, I’d say like when you wash your hair with Head & Shoulders shampoo. Also, if you spray it, it doesn’t make the white film I was worried about. Of course, it does leave a bit, but nothing that bad which you can’t brush of easily.

After brushing this product in my hair, I could saw that my roots were not oily anymore and my hair felt just better 🙂

Also, what I found out with this product that it helped my color to just come up. I’ve recognized that my red/ginger shades were on top again and I hadn’t any need to dye my hair again soon.

Choosing this dry shampoo as totally first one was not mistake at all. I think this product is really amazing, it just made me to try even more dry shampoos from different brands as well. This product is definitely worth a try. I can’t find anything wrong with it as I’ve enjoyed using it and I’m sure I will repurchase it again as it could be something what can’t be missed in my bathroom.

Have you try this product? Were you happy with its results? What else do you use from Toni & Guy which is worth of try?
What are your experiences with dry shampoos? Would you recommend any (brand, scent, …) ?

I’m looking forward to hear your experiences, suggestions and opinions 🙂

M x

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