This review is very overdue. I know. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to find those product as they were from their limited edition. You might have a luck on e-bay or hopefully Tom Ford will launch them again next year!

Tom Ford beauty range is something I was looking at for a while. I was not sure if the price of their products is worth it. Mainly because of the reason if the quality of their products is worth the hype.

When their Soleil collection came out – luckily for me it happened earlier in US, it was something I felt I need to give it a try. I was checking almost every review on YouTube, blogs, shops where you could buy it. Most of those reviews were very positive and I decided I will give a try to Tom Ford’s beauty for the first time.

I purchased their products from Harrods. I could never imagine that I will shop there, but miracles happens. Let me show you the Harrods package which makes this whole purchase even more special. It was a very nice little treatment from Harrods for me 🙂


Tom Ford’s packaging was very nice as well. It was packed in a paper gold boxes with white writing. It looked really cute. I usually do not keep them, but those were something I could change my mind about.


Packaging of actual products keeps the theme. Instead of gold with white, it’s white with gold. It’s very elegant and you can see from a look at it, it’s a high-end product. The contouring compact was also packed in a white fleecy bag. In the middle is Tom Ford’s logo. If I am being honest, I don’t use it due to practical reasons. Meaning, it can get dirty easily as it’s a white color.

Contouring Compact – The Afternooner

This compact felt like something a must-have. A bronzer, a blusher and a highlighter in one palette. When I was deciding of purchasing it, I was considering the way of use, practical and esthetical.


The pigmentation is very high so you have to be very careful. Don’t press your brush too hard as it pick ups lots of color. The bronze has shade between brown and orange. Because it’s a part of their summer collection, I think it’s great when you have a tan. You can use it even if you don’t have a tan, as the color can blend easily. The blush is pink but warm toned, highly pigmented. Kind of a rose color. Tip: If you are trying to put a light blush on cheeks, don’t press to hard on brush and simply the excess shrug off. The highlight is warm toned as well with pearl/gold pigmentation in it.

In summary, this compact is great for travel. You have all what you need in one palette. It’s not heavy, easy to carry and as you can see from photos, the packaging is simple, elegant and beautiful. Colors are warm toned which is great for spring/summer time. Highly pigmented and colors are easily blendable.

I am very happy that I’ve invested money into this palette as it’s worth the hype and I use it often. Can you find something similar but more affordable? I am sure you can, as drugstore is now full of contouring palettes.

Cream and Powder Eye Color – 03 Golden Peach

This color launched last year and was quickly sold out. This year, it launched again.  Cream part has a pinky/peachy color. Pigmentation is high, the color is easily blendable. Second part of it is a gold shade. It’s a gold color with gold glitters in it.




It’s a very beautiful color and because it has two parts, you can create different looks – a pink look, a pink look with golden shades or use just golden shade on its own. The only downside of the cream part is, I did not use a primer underneath. And it still creased during the day which was something I did not expect. As I know lots of beauty guru use a cream color as a primer.

A part from that, it’s a great product which might suit lots of people with different eye colors or skin tones. It has multiple ways of use. It’s something I did not have in my make-up collection.


Have you purchased something from this collection? What was it? Are you happy with the product/products? Have you purchased other Tom Ford’s products? What’s worth the hype and what should I avoid?

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