Oriflame and Avon used to be big companies back at time when I was at college. I usually went for their jewellery and perfumes. Some things don’t change with the age 🙂

Oriflame is a Swedish company founded in 1967. Their selling aim is based on their catalogue which is changing every month introducing their new products or different offers. If you’re not aware if you’d like their perfumes, you’ve got two options:

  1. Their consultant is having a sample; or
  2. This is the more funny bit. On the page promoting the perfume is a little corner where, if you swatch it with your finger, you can smell the perfume.

If you’d like to become their consultant, you can do that by visiting their website. The link is here but because I don’t have any experience with working for that company, I can’t tell you more. It’s better to ask them.

Finally we are getting to the fun part, perfumes 🙂 Some of their perfumes I liked more than others and some of them are significant with a connection for specific memories. One of them is a perfume called Fire.

Above photo source: Pinterest

I remember this perfume as being red, sometimes leaving a red stain on my skin and the scent.. long lasting – or at least I could smell it on me for a long time. The scent was really warm and the perfume is suitable for those grey rainy days in Autumn, or cold ones in Winter.

The main notes are amber, warm spices, citrus, and woody. All of it works really well together and leaves a warm cozy feel.

I was using the perfume when I was in my last year of college doing A-levels so I have lots of memories attached to this perfume. I was really looking forward to trying it again after so many years to see if the scent is still the same, how much it has changed and if it can bring back my memories and feelings from that time.

As you can see on a photo above, they changed the packaging. It’s more oriental with engraved details. The color of the perfume is much lighter red than it used to be and although the scent is exactly the same as many years before, nowadays it’s much lighter than it used to be.

In the end I still give a big thumbs up to this perfume. It’s something very special to me as it used to be before. The only thing I’m missing is that it’s not as strong as before but a part from that, it’s something what I’ll always reach up to and what can’t miss in my perfume collection.

So let’s find out what will be the next old favourite perfume 🙂

What’s your old favourite perfume? Which one did you like the most many years ago so anytime you smell it, it just brings back your memories from back at time?

With love



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