I was very sceptical about Tangle Teezer. I have read lots of nice reviews on blogs and I have seen so many positive reviews on Youtube. But I still was not sure if a brush can make such a big difference. Anyway, I did my search and found the one which I really liked and though that this one is kind of pretty for trying this product out.

I got mine from Groupon, if I remember right, the price was £8.99 and you could choose from different colors.

IMG_4591I think I should mention the quality of my hair as well before getting to actual review. Last year I was slightly experimenting when it comes to color of my hair. I went from magenta (red with pink undertone) to very light ginger which once turns up to be too orangey for my taste, so after that I dyed my hair dark brown color. Which I found too dark for me, so I have tried to get it lighter every since then. You can imagine how much damage I did to my hair as I am not a professional hairdresser, neither have those experiences.

After that, brushing my hair just became very uncomfortable. Obviously, you can’t try to avoid brushing your hair as it would make more damage. Every single time I have brushed my hair, it was a painful experience which cost me couple of pulled of hair. Since I got my Tangle Teezer, my whole brushing experience has changed. This product works AMAZINGLY on me! 🙂


It brushes my hair very smoothly without any pain. And luckily I don’t pull out that many of my hair either! I can’t imagine to be without it and I think it has just become a part of my routine. Having this brush means for me that brushing my hair doesn’t have to be painful and a very unpleasant uncomfortable experience. If you question yourself about getting it, I highly recommend it as it is really worth it!

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