Lip Oils by Clarins are very well known product. Recently they added 4 new shades to their current collection. You can choose from:

01 - Honey

02 - Raspberry

03 - Red Berry 

04 - Candy

05 - Tangerine 

06 - Mint 

07 - Honey Glam (which contains glitters)

My hands stopped on the one with Tangerine. It smells divine, like a tangerine 🙂 Actually, all of them smell very lovely. Don’t be afraid by the color because it’s not as bright as you might think. It works like a sheer lip gloss with a little bit hint of color.

As you can see on a picture above, the brush is big when you compare it to liquid lipsticks, or lip glosses. It fits on the size of my lips easily and feels very soft. Even though this lip oil is bright orange, it doesn’t look that bright on my lips, just a little hint of orange color. I use it during the day because it looks like a lip gloss even though it’s a lip care product. I use it for night as well so when I wake up my lips feel soft and hydrated. 

What scent of this lip oil by Clarins would you recommend?

   Marketa x



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