I have read so many positive reviews about a coconut oil. But my stubborn mind means that I won’t believe it until the time I will try it and see results on my own.

The reason I have got a coconut oil was a problem with my skin. After winter my face is dry, I could even see some wrinkles and deep lines on my forehead. For me who’s a person who doesn’t like aging, and is scared of having wrinkles and deep lines, it was a sign of doing something with it. I was kind of considering of getting an anti-aging night cream which is very pricey, let’s say something about £50. I am not going to lie that the price put me slightly down and stopped me from getting it. Then I went to Superdrug and saw this coconut oil which was in range of £1-£3, which is not that much. I thought I might give it a try and just see how it works with me. This one is considered for hair and skin use.


I think I am going to repeat all of reviews what you can find on Internet. I use it overnight. I usually put a good amount on my skin and massage it into my skin until it’s very oily. After a few nights of using it I can see a big progress. My skin looks better, feels very soft. It helped with my blemishes, pores seems to be smaller (probably similar results when I was trying serum for dull skin and visible pores). Area around my eyes looks  much better too. Recently I had problem with concealing as my eyes looked much older due to wrinkles and deep lines. Since I have been using coconut oil with combination of an eye anti-aging serum, it helped a lot. What’s the best part of it, that not only me has seen a big improvement of my skin. But even a friend of mine came up to me asking what I use as my skin looks really flawless.

At the moment, I use it only for my skin. I have not try it on my hair yet as I use an argan oil at the moment. Use of a coconut oil is very large. You can add some into your smoothie, or when you are cooking. Instead of sunflower/olive oil, you can fry on a coconut oil.

Do you use a coconut oil? What would you recommend? What helped you? I’d like to hear your advices as I am open for trying it in a different way than only an overnight mask. 🙂

M x

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