Before I'll start with an actual review of Snowball collection, I'd like to let you know why I like MAC and why some of it products are kind of special for me.

Products from MAC has been on my LIST OF PRODUCTS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT since I started watching beauty tutorials on YouTube which is back at that time when I was at Uni. Starting with their make-up brushes, ending with their lipsticks. It was a time when I could not even afford a lipstick which costed more than £10 because at that time it seemed to be pointless to spend such a big money on one lipstick. Well I after couple of years, I’ve got a nice collection of MAC’s lipsticks, and I’m not going to stop. Not just yet… 🙂

I remember the day like yesterday when I went to MAC counter to get a blush which I am using until today. It was at a time when I was working as an au-pair so purchase something from MAC meant that I spent almost a third of my weekly salary, yet it made me really happy and anytime I’ve put it on, I felt like I am using a very luxurious product.

Almost the same excitement I felt when I discovered the new Snowball collection coming over on 26th October. Luckily for us living in the UK, it’s always released a month earlier in US. It always gives me plenty of time to read reviews, watch YouTube videos and find my must-haves.

When I came to MAC’s counter, the new collection was something what you could not missed. It was big, sparkling and people were queuing to swatch their lipsticks and extra-dimensional eye shadows. I literally swatched every single eye shadow I possibly could, the same thing happened with lipsticks until I found my 2 favourites out of the whole collection! Which is a little bit a shame actually because I thought that I’ll get almost the entire collection. Oh well…

Let’s start with the packaging. The whole collection is in gold/rose-gold/silver sparkling color which catches an eye of every single woman. If it would not be for the packaging, which is completely different to the usual black one, then why not to purchase at least one of the product?

Extra Dimension Eye Shadow in a shade Stylishly Merry 

This year MAC came with 5 different shades and each of them costed for £16. Stylishly Merry suppose to be the best one. It was completely sold out online and when I arrived to the counter, I was lucky enough because I got the last one. Pffffff! 🙂

So what’s so special about Stylishly Merry? Well this eye shadow is very unique because depending on the movement of your eye-lid and sun/lighting, it’s a mixture of gold/rose gold/pink. You can see it at the best on photos without a flash/with a flash.

Without flash

With flash

The downside of this eye shadow I see the most when I applying it. It’s powdery and glitters do fell out so it’s better to do first eye look and then to apply foundation if you want to avoid any hustle. During a day, I found glitters ending up on top of my eyelid where I did not apply them, even when using an eye primer so the whole look I created in the morning looked completely different at a lunch time. Although it’s the best eye shadow from this collection don’t expect that high pigmentation. I think it works at its best when you make a neutral smokey eye look and you just want to put a little bit of extra sparkle, make your eye to stand out. Obviously you can use the eye shadow on it’s own, but it would not have such a definition.

Lipstick in a shade Rouge En Snow

When it comes to lipsticks, this year there was 6 different shades to choose from and each of them costed £16.50. I chose a lipstick with a matte finish which is my favorite finish. The ones with frost finish did not match my expectations, and the darkest shade I liked but it would suit me more if it would have a matte finish.

This red lipstick is absolutely gorgeous! It’s highly pigmented, easy to apply and has a typical MAC lipstick scent which I love. I wondered if the shade is same as Ruby Woo’s, which I already own, but not at all! The difference is in the undertone. Ruby Woo has more like an orange under tone while Rouge En Snow has a blue undertone. Which suppose to make your teeth look more white.


Lastly, I’d like to mention a few honest words about my thoughts on this collection. Being honest, this collection might suit somebody who’s a make-up collector but not me. Although I absolutely love the packaging, the quality of some eye shadows and lipsticks just did not match my expectations. I am aware that extra dimensional eye shadows works at the best when applied like a kick to the whole look, but when I swatched them, they looked better in a pan, than on top of my hand. Regards to lipsticks, I am a matte girl. I love them for its finish and long lasting. So there might be a fault on my side, yet the darkest frost finish lipstick which I though I might get as well, was not as pigmented as I’d like. Also, I am aware that this finish would not suit me, who knows.

Although I was a little bit shady right now, I know that I’ll use both products. The lipstick is absolutely gorgeous and I have never enough of red lipsticks. Doesn’t matter if I owe 20 of them already, there’s always a space for a new one. I’ll use the eye shadow as well. Maybe I’ll try a different primer to find a way how to make it work. Until then, I can find glitters all over my eyelid, even there where they shouldn’t be and under my eyes, maybe cheeks..

Oh well 🙂

What about you guys? Did you get anything from this collection? Your thoughts?

With Love




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  1. Jennie Monster
    19th December 2017 / 1:31 pm

    omg the packaging and that eyeshadow are to die for !!! i think i’m going to have to go and search these down – i hate how amazing you look in every lipstick! 😛 wish i had your lovely lips xx

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