Rogue is the fourth perfume released by Rihanna. For me, it’s a first perfume I tried released by her.

Firstly, let’s talk about the packaging because it’s what caught my eyes first. I adore the lid which reminds me of stones. You actually can feel the marble pattern. The bottom of bottle has 6 little triangles with holes in the bottom. The whole feeling of the packaging is elegance with rock details. The bottle has a nice details in total so it feels like a purchase of high-end perfume.

The perfume smells powdery, musky with a sweet undertone. It’s not too sweet or floral. It’s very warm so it might be better to use in Autumn/Winter time but I’m sure I’ll find a use for it during Spring/Summer too 🙂 When you spray it, the scent is very light and then when the main tone hits, it smells much stronger.

When I think about the actual perfume comparing to the packaging. It’s very nice, simple and elegant with hint of wildness. Same as the perfume. It starts very light, musky and powdery and then it hits you with strong floral and sweet tones. Both of them work really well together and I’m sure I’ll reach for this perfume often all year long.

      Marketa x

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