Lots of people know how to look after their skin. They don’t mind to spend their money on high-end products that often forgot to look after their skin on whole body, not just their face. I’m no exception 🙂

I always tend to buy body lotions and never use them OR I use them just once, twice and that’s it. Recently, I noticed that my skin tends to be dry, not good looking and definitely doesn’t feel as smooth as I’d like.

What made me to buy this product is the scent of it. It’s like a mango-creamy ice cream. I use a good amount after having a shower and then I let it to soak into my skin. My skin feels softer and looks much better than before. I’m really happy that I’ve finally started using body lotions because it does for your skin a lot 🙂

What’s your favorite body lotion?

   Marketa x


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