When it comes to skincare, I tend to invest money for high-end products. As I believe you pay an extra for some extra care. I am going to be honest that I used to be suspicious about quality of Simple products. They are cheap, drugstore and lots of teenage girls use them. When they came up with their new cleansing oil, I thought I will give this a try as I was looking for a new cleansing/make-up remover product.



I like using cleansing oils as they don’t dry my skin, are gently on my skin and I believe that they are good for preventing and caring some wrinkles, mainly around my eye area.

I was thinking about purchasing cleansing oil by Clinique, but when I saw this new product by Simple, I thought I will give it a try. The use of it is very easy. I pour a little into my hands and then gently massage my eyes. Depending on make-up I am wearing that day, sometimes it might be a little scary look in the mirror! 🙂

Then I take a cotton pad and clean all of make-up and dirt off my face. I usually repeat this step as one is never enough.

Once my face and eyes are clean from all make-up and dirt, comes step 2.



My skin is never properly clean after using cleansing oil. I use the oil as a first step to take off make-up. To make sure all of it is gone, I continue with micellar water. I usually use another 3  cotton pads to have my skin clean.

Those two products don’t irritate my skin. It works well even on my eyes. My skin feels clean, smooth. Even the micellar water doesn’t dry my skin. I must admit that I am surprise by the quality of those products. Even it is only a drugstore, it does a great job. If you’re on a budget, I highly recommend this for you as it does the same job as cleansing products from high-end. You can get this combo for less than £10.

Have you try this before? What’s your favorite product by Simple? What do you use for removing make-up?


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