After being satisfied with a first product by Toni & Guy I’ve tried, their dry shampoo. I thought I will give a new try to their nourishing hair mask as I was desperate to try one. Use of it is very easy. After washing my hair, I take a good amount and apply it to my hair. Then I leave it on for about 5 minutes before I’d wash it off.  The scent of it is very similar to one dry shampoo has. It’s very clean, fresh, nothing overwhelming but enjoyable.

I must say that I am very happy with this mask. My hair feels smooth while applying it, even smoother while washing it off. I can brush my hair easily, my hair looks healthier. Ends of my hairs looks better than before too. As packaging says it’s for nourishing your hair, I must admit, it’s truth as it does exactly what it says.

I must admit that I was never into hair care in the way how I am now. Seeing my hair damaged and being worried to cut them really short, I changed the way of taking care of them. This mask really helped to my hair. I can see that they’re growing more too due to be healthier. They look healthier, they feel healthier. I am really happy to find this product!

What’s your favorite hair mask? What would you recommend? What else do you use from Toni & Guy?


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