This gorgeous lipstick was given to me by my lovely friend. She got it as a sample and felt like it doesn’t suit her. Me as being a proper lipstickoholick, I just could not say NO to it! 🙂

I adore Clinique for their skincare products which do an amazing job and I found them always doing wonders with my skin. Also, Clinique is not that expensive. Obviously the price tag is not the same as with the ones from drugstore but you know what you’ll get for its prize. Plus their products do last for a while so it’s a great investment.

I always think that when it comes to your skincare or bodycare in general it’s always better to invest money as you know you’ll always get it back.

Let’s talk about the lipstick. The shade is 14 Plum Pop and you can get the full size for £16.50. Even this sample size has got a good amount of the product so you are assure it will last a while to make your own opinion. To be honest, I felt in love with this lipstick since I applied it for the first time. The color is a dark pink/purple shade which actually acts on my own lips much lighter and pinkier. What a surprise for my friend 🙂 As it looked much darker on her than on me.

The application went on easily and smoothly. Pigmentation of the lipstick is really good and it’s easily buildable so it can get from a light pinkish tone into a darker plummy color. On Clinique’s website it says the finish is demi-matte which I agree with as it’s moisturizing your lips while applying the lipstick. Although it says the lipstick lasts 8 hours I had to re-apply it during a day. But I do it with every lipstick anyway. So for me this is not a big trouble.

I absolutely fell in love with this lipstick and I can see myself using it on daily basis when you want to have more a smokey-eye look and bold lips, or even on a date so you know your man won’t smudge your lips all over you 🙂

In the end, I’d like to say, it’s not the only lipstick I’ll have in my collection and I can see myself to go to Clinique’s counter to try more shades.

What about you guys? Have you tried Clinique’s lipstick? Is there any shade you fancy and is worth trying?

With love



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