You should have know that I am a HUGE fan of Origins. Each of their products suit my skin really well and what I absolutely adore is a specific scent each of them.

Another reason why I love Origins is that they offer you a Free Mini Facial. It is good if you are new to Origins, and you’re not sure what products would suit you the best. You can also get some samples and decide later on.


When Origins came up with their Maskimizer, I knew that it is going to be something what I have to try! Maskimizer is a primer for your mask. What you actually do is that you spray it on your face and while it is still wet, you apply a mask. It took me a while to get used to it. It feels very fresh on my face and there is a very light scent to it.


After spraying Maskimizer on my face, I use Drink Up Intensive Mask. This mask smells INCREDIBLE!!! The main scent is peach. I would describe it very fruity. You almost feel like you would love to taste the product! What I love about this product is that when I wake up in the morning my skin feels amazing. It helps to some of my dry bits and when I touch my face, my skin is very soft. It is definitely something worth a try!

What are your experience with Origins products?

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