Currently I’m dealing with dry hair which tends to have dreads. So it feels like I’m constantly looking for products which would make my hair smoother and help me with brushing them without pulling them off.

Recently I tried coconut milk anti-breakage serum by OGX. This serum promises to help with nourishing and revitalising hair while helping with repairing ends.

The texture is light – lighter than Argan’s oil – I’ve written a post about it, which you can read here. Yet if you use way too much of it, it can leave your hair looking greasy so be careful of how much of this product you use. It definitely does help to ease brushing my hair. I use this serum on wet and dry hair too. The coconut scent is pleasant, nothing overwhelming. I like using this product on the side with a hair oil, spray conditioner, etc. as an extra step to keep my hair nourished and moisturized. Unfortunately this product on its own would not help me due to the fact that my hair are slightly over dry.

What products would you recommend to keep your hair nourished? Do you like products by OGX? Which one would you recommend?

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