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Everyone, in their life, were in a situation, where have to live in a budget and look carefully on what products they spend their hardly earn money. I’m no exception. I’m not going lie that I prefer spend a little bit more on luxury products when it comes to skincare and beauty products. But sometimes I’m in a situation where I have to, or either want to save a little bit more.

When I was in a need to get a new facial wash, instead of getting high-end for about £20, I thought that I might try something from drugstore. At that time Nivea came up with a new range of cleansing and make-up removers products.

It has a simple packaging, typical for Nivea – navy blue with white writing on it. The scent is typical for Nivea. If you have tried their creams or in-shower lotion with the same packaging, you will know. I must say that I was really surprise with this product. I use it twice a day, and it leaves my skin soft and ready to put other creams and make up. It’s creamy, rich and according to its name, it feels like you’re washing your face with a cream.

I have been going through rough times which could’ve been seen on my skin. I had problems with dry skin, acne and it was really difficult to get it back into  normal so playing with make-up would become a fun again.

Surprisingly, this product is one of many which really helped me at that time. You can get this product between £2-3, depends on shop or if it’s on a sale. Recently, I’ve repurchased this product as I am really happy with it.

Have you try it? What are your thoughts about it? What other drugstore facial wash would you recommend?

M x

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