When it comes to skincare or beauty products, I prefer high-end as I think you pay extra money for something extra what drugstore products can’t give you. As I’ve found myself with the need of saving any extra money, I thought I might give a try to some drugstore skincare products.

At time when I needed a new daily cream, Superdrug had a very good deal. If you’d buy one skincare product, you’ll get a second one for free. That gave me a great opportunity to try more products

L’Oreal Paris Skin Perfection Serum


I gave a try to this serum, as I really enjoyed a very similar one from Origins; Renewal Serum with Willowherb. I like Origins serum as it works well with my skin. It minimize my pores and prepare my skin for make-up with flawless finish.

I was looking for same, or at least similar effect with L’oreal serum. The texture is very light, it smooths my skin and prepare for a daily/night cream as I use it twice a day. The color of it is not a clear white, but as you can see from its packaging, its pearl with pink reflection. Have a look under your bathroom light or try it on the sun, I really like the color. Reminded me of some eyeshadows or highlights. 🙂

I am very happy with this serum. The truth is, I was comparing it a lot to Origins serum. Both of them are different but in some way very similar. It gives me a similar effect as long as I use it regularly. The best results I got when I used it twice a day. I have not used all of this product but I am sure I can imagine I would repurchase it. I’d like to try other products from this collection as well.

L’oreal Paris Collagen Wrinke De-Crease


The other product which I’ve purchased is L’oreal’s Collagen daily cream. Since some certain age, I started to give my skin a little bit more care, especially when it comes to anti-aging products. This product is one of them.

The consistency is very thick, so you have to be careful while using it. It’s great when you have some dry bits on your skin. I have 2 tips which you might find useful.

1.) If your skin needs a little bit of extra care, and none of your products can help you with your dry uneven skin, use this cream overnight. Use a little bit more than you would use in the morning. I used probably one extra amount at night. You’ll see that after sleep, your skin will feel very smooth in the morning.

2.) Because this cream is thick as I’ve mentioned before. Make sure you put it on your face slightly in advance before you’ll start with your make-up as it takes some time for your skin to absorb it.

Same as with the serum, I have not used up this product yet. But I am enjoying it a lot. I use it a long with the serum I’ve mentioned above. Both of those products I’ve tried twice a day, sometimes only once a day and was very happy with its results. This cream works so well with my skin. My skin feel so smooth afterwards. Once its absorb, make-up goes on very well without having any dry bits. This product is one of those I would recommend, also try other products from this range and see what results it can bring me.

Have you try those products? Are you happy with results? What are you using for your skincare?

M x


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