I’ve known a brand Emma Hardie kind of for a while but never got my hands on it until know. I thought that the first product I’ll give a try is going to be their famous Moringa Balm.

When it comes to removing my make-up, personally I prefer balms instead of micellar waters. It’s just easier and I can wash it off while having a shower. When my Moringa balm arrived to my home, opening the parcel felt like opening a high-end product. I could already smell it without the need of opening the package. With my full size of Moringa balm I received as well:

  • a travel size Moringa balm
  • a face cloth
  • a pair of slippers

The packaging itself feels luxurious because it’s not made of plastic, but glass. The scent is sweet but calming at the same time. The texture seems to be hard but when you touch it, it melts straight away and becomes oily.

Tip: Depending on how much make-up you wear, but you don’t need as much of the product. Less is more.

This balm works very well for me. It easily melts my make-up and leaves the skin with a soft feel when I touch my face. At the moment my skin is dry but this product doesn’t make my skin drier than normal.

If you look at their website, you can purchase Rosehip Exfoliating Seeds Duo  to make your own exfoliatior combining the Moringa Balm with those Seeds.

For it’s price £39, which might feel a lot, you get a great balm which for me felt very luxurious. I’ll definitely repurchase it again with giving-a-go to other products by Emma Hardie.

Have you try this Moringa Balm? What other products by Emma Hardie have you tried? Which one would you recommend? What balm (brand) worked well for you? Do you prefer removing make-up with balm or micellar water?

    Marketa x


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