My current skincare routine contains at least one of Garnier’s product which shows how much I adore this brand. When it comes to removing my make-up, I prefer ”wet” version. It’s easier, faster and a part of my shower routine. I tend to go for high-end balms – one of my review you can read here. It was nice to see that there is a version in a drugstore as well, even though it’s not an actual cleansing balm.

I was very much looking forward to try this product. At the same time worried of the eye-area because it’s a gel-type instead of balm. Surprisingly it worked really well with my eyes. I’m not going to lie, firstly I had some of the product in my eyes but once you find how to remove your eye make-up with it, it’s actually very easy and you should be fine.

Tip: Massage it on the eye lid first, then focus on eyelashes.

How do I use it?
Firstly, i start with massaging the product on my face, then I continue with my eyes. The gel doesn’t foam and leaves my skin with a soft feeling.

Do you like Garnier’s products? Which one would you recommend? Have you tried this micellar cleansing gel-wash? What are your thoughts?

   Marketa x


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