The way how to make me really happy during my days off is to take me out of London to a nice countryside place with a great dinning opportunity.



Tip: To make sure you’ll get a place, make a reservation in advance. This place can get really busy 🙂

Apparently, Smith & Western is well-known network of restaurants but only I never heard of them before.

As it’s name says, and as you can see from photos below, the decoration is in a western mood and music playing in the restaurant is in a country style. Even though, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the restaurant feels cozy.

When I arrived, the tortilla chips were already ready for us at the table – it tasted salty with a hint of paprika. Once you try them, you can’t stop eating them! That’s how good they were 🙂


For drinks, my friend and I went for cocktails. She had a classic Mojito and I tried their version of a Strawberry Daiquiri. It looks delicious, it tasted delicious BUT the ice was melting way too quickly, strolls were too small so it was a little bit messy experience. But a part from that, I definitely recommend this drink! 🙂

Tip: Don’t drink it too quickly otherwise you are a the risk of a brain-freeze!

The food was amazing! Very tasty not just for my eyes. Next time I’ll probably skip the started because I wasn’t able to finish a  main course. The only thing I would reproach to my chicken fajitas, the bottom was literally covered in oil. A little bit of oil is OK, but this was literally covered in it instead of sauce, or chopped tomatoes (which I’d cook it with) there was an oil. A part from that, I would still recommend them because the taste was really great!


Left: S&W Ribs   Right: Loaded skins with Sour cream and chives



Chicken Fajitas


Chicken Burritos

Apparently, it’s a great place for families, birthday celebrations – there were two of them when I was there. The birthday boy/girl got a huge cup fill up probably with chocolate ice cream and cream on the top with a huge sparkling stick instead of candles while the team of Smith & Western were singing Happy Birthday song. I think I might try this one soon too. Nobody needs to know it’s not my actual birthday 🙂

In the end I finished my dinning experience with a lovely Strawberry Mojito


BOX HILL is about 45 minutes far away from London (South West area). The easiest way how to get there is by a car because there’s no train or a bus which can get you there.

Box Hill is a summit of the North Downs in Surrey and it’s a part of National Trust.


It’s almost unbelievable how close this place is from where I live, yet it feels like a completely different world compare to what it’s like to live in London. When I’ve visited this place, it was not the sunniest day but the view was so stunning. My own opinion – those photos you can see below don’t capture the vibe and feel I had when I was standing there.

This place reminded me of my hometown a lot. Same as here, my hometown is in valley and everywhere you can see mountains and hills. The only difference is, this place looks nicer than my hometown.

I found Box hill as a great place when you want to escape away from London. It’s a great place for families days out, walks with your dogs, tours with friends, cycling or if couples are looking for a nice place outside for some cuddling sessions 🙂

Have you visited Box Hill before? What about Smith & Western? What places would you recommend to visit? Don’t forget any nice place where to eat too 🙂

  Marketa x


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