When L’Oréal Paris came up with their Pure Clay Masks, I knew it’s going to be something what I’d like to try. I really like the idea of multiple masks so you can use the type of mask what you need on a part which need it the most. I’ve purchased only 2 masks out of 3. The reason is, I already have a Charcoal mask by Origins. If you’d like, you can find a review about it here.

I’ve purchased Purity Mask and Glow Mask.


img_8876 img_8873

This mask is good if you want to clear up your skin from pores and all impurity. The scent of it is very fresh, you can smell an eucalyptus extract, yet it’s not overwhelming. The consistency of this mask is very creamy. It was very easy to work with it on my face. I usually leave it for 15 minutes.

What I like about this mask is that it not only smells fresh, but also feels fresh. I could see results immediately after I have washed it off. It cleans up your pores but at the same time, it doesn’t dry out your skin. Which is something very positive as most of masks would dry your skin. So you would have to use lots of cream afterwards.

img_8874 img_8880


img_8869 img_8871

This mask is slightly different to Pure one. Again, it has very fresh scent. I can smell a little bit of eucalyptus extract and something extra, which reminds me of something but unfortunately I’m not able to specific the scent. The consistency of it is creamy too, but it has little bits in it. Similar to a facial peeling.

Same as the Pure Mask, it doesn’t dry your skin out. It leaves fresh, glowy and even after using this masks, my pores seemed to be smaller. I prefer using this mask on my forehead.


Some people said that using those masks is very messy for them. To avoid any potential mess, I apply masks with my Foundation Brush by The Body Shop. It’s very easy, doesn’t leave any mess and I feel like I’m in a full control of how much products go into a specific area.

Washing those masks off is very easy too. I simply wash them off in a shower. With Glow Mask, I gently massage in those little pieces to give some extra care from the mask.

If you follow those easy steps, you can find it non-messy too 🙂




Have you tried those masks? What are your thoughts?

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