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This is the BEST MASCARA I’ve ever had! 🙂

Yep, I know. I’ve just spoiled the whole review in a first sentence. But for my apology, it took me a few years to find the right mascara for me.

When it comes to finding the right mascara, I have never bought any which was high-end quality and its price was over £20. The reason is that usually my mascara lasts for 2 to 3 months, depends on how quickly it dries out. So there’s no point for me to invest into this product which doesn’t last as long as I’d like so it’s worth of spending. I’d prefer to spend it on foundations, lipsticks, or other beauty products.

Let’s talk about my way of finding the right mascara for me. As you know from my previous paragraph, I prefer drugstore mascara. I usually do not look on brand as much as I look at the brush. Couple of months ago, I was using two different mascaras from brand NYC. One of them was good for brushing all my lashes through and make them really long. The second one I use for thick effect. My lashes are naturally long so I can’t complain on this side. I still like, when I apply mascara, that you can see that I have mascara and it looks just good and thick. Those two mascaras had done a really great job.


When L’oreal came up with their new mascara with sculpt brush. I was curious how it actually works. I have never seen this type of brush before and wanted to see the results on my own. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the result. It did the exactly same job of my two previous mascaras. First coat brushes my lashes through along their entire length. Second coat make them thick and as its name says, it does make the false lash effect I was looking for.

I’ve already repurchased this product and I will do it again. This mascara is a must-have in my beauty collection. 🙂

Have you try it? What are your thoughts about it? What’s your must-have mascara?

I’m looking forward to know your opinion 🙂

M x

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