A year 2016 has been full of changes, upsides downs, roller coasters and just a year full of craziness. From what I have seen and heard, I was not the only one going through so many changes. Let’s have a look where it all begun for me a.k.a Marketa’sWorld.

Last year, meaning a year 2015, I went to Rome for Christmas holiday. It was something like a present to myself from myself for all the hard work I’ve done. Why did I choose Rome? I absolutely loved the historical part of it, and I felt so desperate to finally see Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican, Spanish Steps and many other beautiful places over there.

I booked my flights, hotel and went to the library to get some guides. I preferred those full of photos as I can easily imagine what to expect, what I really want to see and what’s not worth the hype. I’m not going to lie that I was so excited since I’ve booked it. Only if I would have known what’s going to happen 🙂

Day D had become and I could not sleep properly the whole night before as I was so nervous I will oversleep and miss my flight. It did not happen. But for my lack of luck, I got cold which was not good with a combination of lack of sleep.

I’d like to mention two things which are so typical about me. Firstly, I hate being late. If it’s for traveling, starting at work, going out with friends, etc. Secondly, I don’t know how to pack properly. Either I over pack which is all the time. Or I don’t pack properly, meaning I miss some things/clothes which I actually really need instead of what I have packed. As a woman, I always need to find a reason to do some shopping 🙂 Which is not always handy!! 🙂

So as you remember what I mentioned about myself above, I hate being late. That means I arrived to airport slightly early, meaning – the place where you usually leave your suitcase was not open yet. Oooops 🙂

Finally when I could go through a security, my second problem has come up. Unfortunately for me, they called me as I have over packed some cosmetics products and not all of them are allow to be on the airplane. Oooops 🙂

I thought that the worst part of my trip is finally behind me and I can finally enjoy my coming up holidays. If I knew what’s going to be next. With lack of sleep, feeling unwell and just being slightly not myself, I kind of ended up in this scary-funny story. When finally came time to load people in to airplane, a stewardess has asked a man in front of me: ‘’Have you traveled with us before? No? What’s your seat? You can find it over there.’’ Pointing at his place. Then she came up to me asking me.. something.. I said: ‘’No.’’ Her face looked slightly scared, in shock and full of surprises. Finally she says: ‘’You don’t want to enjoy the flight with us??’’ Well now I know why it’s important to listen properly what they are asking you! Not all the time the question is the same as the one for the passenger before 🙂

Luckily, they let me in and I was on my way to Rome. I’m not going to lie how proud of myself I was. In a first day I’ve experienced an Italian driver when I was worried if all of was will arrive in one piece to the train station. Also, I’ve experienced a nice police guy who kindly showed me where I can get a ticket for Metro and was making sure I found my way. What I’d did without him, I’m not sure! Also, I’ve experienced a Metro which looks probably even worst than the one in New York. Can’t even forget to mention this lovely girl from my hotel who could not speak in English at all but somehow we managed to talk about necessary things. Thanks to our hands, legs and Google Translate of course 🙂

I was not sure if to mention this bit but because it was a lot a part of my holidays, and I guess it is going to be part of any European holidays nowadays, I can’t pretend it did not happen. At that time I traveled to Rome, it was just after those awful attacks in Paris. That means, I saw soldiers literally everywhere. The most scary scene was probably on my first day in Metro when I thought: ‘’Oh my God! What has happened? Am I safe here?’’ After that, I saw them every single day couple of times. Since then I always made sure that I can see either army guys or police to make sure I’m safe or at least I know where to head if something would happen, meaning: What if I would get lost 🙂

My trip to Rome has taught me so many things about myself. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life. Because it showed me so many things about myself and my year 2016 kept going in the mood which continued since Rome. So what was that special and magical that happened to Marketa’s World?

Let’s say, I’ve realized so many things about myself. I’ve finally became a positive person, not criticizing myself all the time but mainly saying: Well done Marketa! Look where you are coming from, what you went through your whole life and how far you have come!

I always wanted to live out of my country. Not sure why, but even when I lived there, did not speak in English at all, I’ve never felt like it’s my home, it’s a place where I belong to. Sounds very strange but that’s one of facts about me. Since I’ve been living in England, I’ve never realized all things I’ve achieved. I never took them for granted! I guess I’ve never realized those simple little things might be so difficult to achieve for others. To speak and think in a different language than is your native one. Travel the world on your own and make new friends. You never know what a little chit-chat in Colosseum can lead into 🙂

After my trip to Rome, my life continued almost as before. The new thing was that I got the courage to start going to MeetUp groups and make new friends. I went from random parties to watch a rugby match in a local pub (so much better than football! 🙂 ), or even a trip or just Valentine’s/Sunday lunch. Thanks to those groups I met so many new friends who are still part of my life and I’m grateful for that! Even though I don’t have time to see them every single day, I know it’s a friendship which just doesn’t vanish over night.

At that time I was lucky because I worked for an amazing family where I felt to be a part of them! Kids were like my little siblings whom I so desperately wanted to teach so many naughty things! 🙂

Everything felt great until Spring. Which suppose to be a favorite season of a year for me. Firstly, I had an accident where I smashed my face. Sounds awful, looked awful, felt terrible but in the end, it was not that bad. Yeah, can’t believe I’m saying that if I know what I went through. Healing of my face was actually very quick for my surprise. In a week time, you wouldn’t say I had any accident but the truth is, my confidence was completely gone. I felt embarrassed not in front of people, but in front of me. It felt like I was working on something to achieve when it comes to self-confidence and self-love and with one ‘’little’’ accident, it was gone so quickly. Unfortunately at that time, I lost my job too. It literally felt like I was finally getting up from the awful situation and somebody punched me again to felt down. Luckily, I found a new job but it was not a dream job at all. I was not happy there, the people I worked for were not nice and my next 3 months were just a terrible experience. I don’t want to go into any details yet, as I’m planning to do a special post about au-pairing/nannying.

Those 3 months I was realizing more and more how unhappy and stuck I am. I wanted a change for couple of years actually. But I never found a courage to do it. Also, if you don’t have a proper support from your own family, to do a big life change is even harder and takes slightly longer than usual. Not an excuse, just a reality check.

I knew I need this change as soon as possible. I felt like I’m having a burnt syndrome for a good couple of months. Which is never good. I was trying to achieve this change for couple of months, but it never was accomplished. I guess I was doing something wrong at that time. Maybe it was not even the right time for me. Who knows? The more I tried, the less something positive was happening. Until August. When I got completely kicked off. At that time I was at the lowest since I moved to England. I knew that a change must happen now! Otherwise I failed.

I had savings for a good month and half. For those who are not familiar, London is extremely expensive! So what can last somewhere for good 3 months, somewhere else can last only a month! It was a time when I found out who are my real friends, who really care about me and want to help me even with words like: ‘’Marketa, don’t give it up! You’ll find something sooner or later. Now you have got the best opportunity to do all changes what you wanted. Don’t give it up, yet!’’. It took me a week! I must have so many angels looking after me 🙂

Something has changed. I guess something has changed inside of me and the way how I was looking for a change and the way I wanted to get the change. Even if I did not see it at that time, I was at the place where I supposed to be and met people who supposed to help me. Which eventually they did. And pushed me in the right direction. Like it or not. That’s how it was, and how it supposed to be.

After a week of panicking I finally changed job and became a Receptionist. Finally, I could start working with people. Not just with children, but with adults as well.  Talk to them all day long, which is something what I love. At the beginning, I still was not sure if I got the job, until they told me: ‘’Yes, we want you!’’. You just never know. Once I knew, I felt much better that finally after so many years, I can grow up when it comes to my career.

At that time, I met some nice people too. I spend with them only one week! But to me, they brought something what I did not have in my life for so many years! I have spoken about them a little bit in this post. Today, I’d like to tell you something else about them. Something what makes them so special. One of many facts about me is that I was raised by my grandparents. We used to spend so much time together and with their friends as well. Those lovely people brought all of it back to me. A chat about life, their life or even their friend’s life where you can learn a lot from. Or just being quiet, watching telly and then talk about what’s going on there. It felt like my Home was brought back to me. I don’t mean an actual home but the feeling inside you when you feel like you are at home 🙂

The best thing of Year 2016 was that my Little Angels are back in my life! When I was going through my change-is-going-to-happen stage, I met somebody who brought them back to me. Firstly, I just saw couple of videos with them. It was still them! Just slightly taller and older, but still them! 🙂 I’m not going to lie, it has brought lots of tears into my eyes, memories, feelings and reminding me the fact that I miss them to be part of my life. After that, once I was back at home, I literally sat down in front of my laptop and went through all photos and videos I took with them.

To make a long story short, I have exchanged a couple of text messages with their mum and in a few days I went to see them after 3 years! 🙂 I was so nervous if they still remember me, what if they won’t recognize me? So many silly questions pop up on my mind. And none of them were correct! Because they did remember me, also they remembered things which I’ve completely forgot! We had such a great time, we spent one Sunday together with unforgettable saying one of Little Angel’s who wanted a piece of cheesecake without the cheese bit 🙂

A year 2016 was one of the hardest, most challenging and not just for me, but even for my friends and people who are surrounded by me. Lots of people has passed away, not just celebrities. Lots of couples has broken up and started getting divorce. Not even forgot to mention people who voted for Brexit and Donald Trump.

I think that everything what has happened to me this year was one of the best thing that has ever happened to me. Even though it was really difficult at the beginning. All of it lead into a brighter future where I can finally focus on things I wanted for such a long time. This year gave me challenges to bring all those wanted changes which I can improve in coming year! I do believe that Year 2017 is going to be much easier and positive 🙂

     Marketa xx

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