Living in 21st century means we have got so many tools how to make our communication easier than 100 years ago. With all those social media apps we have suddenly we don’t have to wait days or weeks for postcards/letters being received from our loved ones like our grandparents used to do.

I have been working with people for a long time. It’s a job which I do enjoy, as I always wanted to work with people. What I love about it is that I can learn something about behavior in general and about my own behavior towards to others and to myself. I have always loved talking to people, to learn what their body language means, if it matches their words.

Recently, I’ve witnessed a lot of weird behavior which is a result of people using way too much of communicating devices and Internet. People don’t know how to communicate anymore. I know it is not a big surprise or a shock to most of you. I have seen couple of articles about this topic already. But when you witness this strange behavior, it just makes you to stop and think about it.

If I’m being honest, I don’t think that we should blame that it’s the period of time when young people are growing up in, or we are actually living in it. Everybody does that, so why not us? I guess it’s very sad if people don’t know how to communicate, how to make a proper eye contact and tell you simply Hi. It’s definitely not good, if you see a couple being on a date who instead of talking to each other are actually playing a game on their phone. Even if they do it together. It’s sad to see a group of friends who met for couple of beers in a local pub after work who instead of talking to each other are starring into their phones. It’s sad to see children being on their phones with their friends instead of being outside with them, and having a real proper chat. Also it’s sad to see people in a public transport who are mostly watching their phones instead of reading books or newspaper, or just simply enjoying the view.

I know we are living in a time where everything is happening on the Internet and social media are literally dictating our lives. If we won’t be online for a certain amount of time, we might miss something really important. But aren’t we missing our real lives? My best memories with friends are those when we were not on the phone, but outside having fun, making trips, doing things altogether or just having nights out. I guess you might think I grew up with a different generation but you’d be surprised that even people around my age or older don’t know how to communicate if it’s not via phone.

Useful Tip

If you are struggling with a similar situation, even if it involves your friends, family members or you are having a problem with yourself. Let’s try this exercise. Give yourself 30 – 60 mins a day without using a phone or laptop. Let’s say you’re having a dinner with your partner or family. Options are endless. Try to have this moment just for them. Talk about yours and their day. Talk about whatever you want, even if it means it’s something you’d be talking about via phone. Also you can be quiet. To learn how to be quiet and just enjoy the company of others is important as well.

What do you think about this problem? Have you noticed it? Are you trying to do something to avoid those type of situation? Or is it something you struggle even with yourself? Let’s have a moment to chat about it, to find what works and helps to you. Who knows, it might help to somebody else too.

    Marketa xx

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