If you like make-up as much as I do, I am sure you have lots of make-up brushes as well. Don’t worry if your collection is small. Mine is not that big either 🙂

Anyway, cleaning make-up brushes is very important. Not only because of hygienic reason. If you like trying other beauty products, you can’t keep mixing foundations on a same brush as the results wouldn’t be flawless at all.

Instead of talking the reasons why you should keep your brushes clean, let me tell you about methods I’ve tried.

1.) When I’ve purchased my first brushes, I was simply washing them under warm water in the sink using my hand. It was the easiest way but the water got everywhere. Using my hand as a tool to get dirt of it was not good either because it cause me problems with dry skin on my hands.

2.) After doing some research mainly on YouTube, I thought I will give a try to a new method. I purchased M·A·C Brush Cleanser and a white towel. Because the bottle hasn’t a spray tool, I add it into a different bottle where I could use the spray tool. Hope it makes sense to you. It was a very simple method. I took the white towel, lay on the table, took a brush, sprayed the cleanser and just simply clean. The white towel was good in a way of seeing how much products is absorb in the brush. It was very easy with those small brushes for eyeshadows but those bigger one for foundation, that was hard work. It took lot of time to make sure the brush is clean and if I am being honest, I’ve never manage it to have it completely clean. Meaning clean as a brand new brush.

The reason why I was using the white towel instead of a paper towel is that I want to save paper towels as I would use them a lot without. It was much easier with white towel as you can simply wash it, and re-use it. I’m going to be honest here. Even I’ve washed it on 60/90, it never was as clean as I’d like to.

3.) Last but not least, comes the method I am using now. This one is so simple and easy. The only thing what you/I need is a baby shampoo and Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette.


When I saw this palette in a drugstore, I knew immediately that it is something I must give a try. You can use any cleanser you like. I have tried the baby shampoo for the first time as after seeing couple of Youtube videos, some of beauty gurus have recommend it. This palette has a handle from backside. You can just hold it in your hand, or put it on your hand. All you need is a little bit of warm water and a drop of baby shampoo/any cleanser you like to use.


As you can see from the photo, the palette has three sections of where you can clean your brushes. It’s totally up to you which one you’ll use. I’ve tried to find if there is any recommendation of which part is recommend for certain type of brushes, but there is no information. Not even on their websites. I mainly use the middle one.

This palette is so great and simple to use. I can’t believe that somebody did not come with it before! I find this technique as one of the best. It saves you from dirty towels, paper tissues or whatever you’ve used before. My brushes seems to be much cleaner than before, almost like brand new. If you haven’t try it before, were wondering if to give it a try, I highly recommend it! 🙂

What are your methods of keeping your make-up brushes clean? What brush cleanser do you use? Would you recommend/avoid anything?


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