About a year ago, I damaged my hair by dyeing them in all sort of different colors. My ends were split and weak. When I went to see my hairdresser, he was not happy with a condition of my hair and must cut lots of it. Which did not make me happy so I decided to take a better care of my hair.

One of things I am investing in are oils for hair. Currently, I am using two types of Argan Oils. I will talk about those products in order of using them.

A first product I use is an Argan Oil in the shower. Consistency of this oil is light. I usually add couple of drops into my conditioner and leave it  in my hair for couple of minutes. After washing it off, my hair feels much smoother.


A second product I use is an Argan Oil. Consistency is thicker than the Argain Oil in the shower. I use it when my hair are still wet, not easy to brush. Another way of use is when I’m styling my hair. Sometimes my hair are all over the place, they need to smooth a little bit.



I like using both products. They work really well altogether. Even when I use mainly one of them. My hair seems to be in a better condition than before.

Do you like using hair oils? What’s your favorite?


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