This cream was a life saver for me at the time when my skin wasn’t on top!

What I love about this cream? Everything! 🙂

The scent of it is very light, nothing overwhelming. Smells kind of creamish, if you’d like. The consistency of this cream is very creamy. Meaning, that you if you add a little bit extra you can use it as a night cream as well. It has done miracles on me overnight. Every morning I woke up with a soft skin which looked flawless. For a day, you don’t need that much. It worked really well with my foundation and all day long my skin feels very soft after using this product.

As a little bit of extra for myself I found that it’s an anti-wrinkle cream which is a must for somebody who wants to avoid aging as long as possible 🙂

What are your thoughts about this product? If you haven’t try it, would you give it a go?

M x


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