Recently, I received an e-mail with a voucher to try a Youth Concentrate from The Body Shop. This serum is from a range called Drops of Youth. This range should help you with first sings of ageing. According to The Body Shop, this concentrate promises that your skin should be looking smoother, fresher and healthier with instant moisturisation.

All of that sounds very promising to me, so there was no doubt that I won’t give to this product a try. Here comes my first impression of it.


The whole range is in a green color. For me, it represents something what’s natural. A scent of it is fresh, light but flowers add in it something sophisticated. I use 2 drops and gently massage them onto my skin. A consistency of this product is watery.

I’ve tried this product twice a day to compare results. In the morning, after cleaning my skin I apply this serum. After a few minutes I put my daily moisturizer. I’m going to be honest, but for some reason this serum did not work well with my moisturizer. Not sure why. Even applying my make-up was not that pleasant. It felt a little bit different whole day. A little bit sticky.

Applying this product at night is much better. It works well with my night cream. Following morning my skin feels softer, fresher and some of wrinkles seem to disappear.

The concentrate I got has 7ml and promises to last 7 day. I am using it for a week once a day, two drops cover my face and I still have a half of bottle left. Once I’ll finish it, I’m thinking about purchasing it again with along with a sleeping mask from the same range. I’d like to see how it works altogether, and what results it can give me. I’ll keep you updated! 🙂

Have you try any product from this range? What’s your favorite product from The Body Shop? Would you something recommend as a must-have?


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