Origins is best known for their facial masks. Their charcoal mask is one of their top sellers and is known as their best mask.

I am a big fan of Origins as their products really work for me. Also I adore a specific scent each of their products, or range. I’ve been using this mask for a while. Origins definitely did not disappoint me with this product at all! 🙂

When I started using this mask, I had couple of blemishes and problems with break outs. This masks promises to clear your skin from all dirt, debris and impurities. I was very excited to see results on my own.

When I started using it at first, the reaction was that I had couple of more break outs for a while than before. The reason is that all of the dirt is coming out of the skin. Once you survive this stage, your skin will clear out and will become more flawless.

Here are my results and tips on how to use it 🙂 As I’ve mentioned above, a first reaction on this mask was that I had more break outs than before as all of dirt was coming out. First tip: Do not stop using this product. Once it’s all clear out, it will help you with blemishes and break outs. They will clear out faster and won’t happen that often as before. Second tip: A little of product goes a long way. Remember, that you don’t have to make your face look all black full of product to make it work. Use just as much to cover your face and problematic areas. I usually add more of product on areas which I need a help the most.

When you’re applying this mask, the product has a ”wet” consistency. You can easily wash it off your hand with warmer water. Give it 15 minutes to dry. You might feel a little bit of itchiness, sometimes it reminds me a little needles pressing on my face. It’s nothing uncomfortable, it just feels like the mask is working. Third tip: If you’re afraid of this dryness, or itchiness, try another Origins product Maskimizer. It’s a primer for masks and I already talked about it here.Once it’s dry all over your face, it’s time to wash it off with warmer water. You can use a face cloth, or wash it off under shower. Whatever works for you.

Results are amazing. My skin feels much softer, pores are smaller. It helps to dry out my break outs faster than it would take in natural way. In total my skin is in much better condition than was before. I use this mask in a regular way, probably 2-3 times a week. For me, it’s a product which I am definitely going to keep up and will make sure that it stays in my draw. I can’t imagine my skincare routine without it anymore 🙂


Have you try this mask? Are you happy with results? What’s your favorite mask by Origins? What’s your favorite product by Origins?


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