Recently, I saw on YouTube one of their fashion show for Spring/Summer in 2014. I was amazed how stunning and great it looked like. I always loved watching fashion shows since my childhood and I still wish and hope, one day I will be able to see it on my own and not just from YouTube 🙂

This show was designed by Karl Lagerfeld and I loved how he made trainers to look so elegant and fashionable. In the way which is good for skirts and not just for sports occasions. The show was opened and closed by Cara Delivingne. If you are curious about the little boy in the end, his name is Hudson Kroenig. 🙂

I’m going to share with you dresses which I adored the most from that show. And for those who are even more interested, in the end of this post you can find a video of that show 🙂


What dresses did you like the most? Would you choose completely different one to those I’ve chosen?


For those who watched the show, did you like it? What other fashion shows would you recommend to watch?

     Marketa xx

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