Every woman in her life needs to own at least once a bottle of Chanel N°5. Doesn’t matter if she is into fashion and beauty, or not at all. I think it’s something so significant, sophisticated, classy and feminine.

I wanted to own one of those bottles for a very long time. I heard that some people really don’t like the original smell of it. Not sure if the one I own, is the original smell. What’s more important to me is that I absolutely fell in love with the scent since I smell it.

People say that we usually love perfume because it remind us of something. I must admit with this one it’s true. This one reminds me of a scent of a baby oil we used a lot back in time. 🙂

To describe the scent is really difficult for me. It’s very strong scent which I think is because of a combination of sandalwood and vetiver, yet it’s very feminine thanks to jasmine.

What I love about this perfume is it feels like you have got an expensive purchase from twenties which is one of my favorite time! The bottle of is made of glass which looks so stunning. Even when you look at it from behind, still you’ll be able to see a Chanel logo as it’s printed from both sides. The perfume itself is very strong and I can smell it on me even after a very long day. Even if I think it has worn out, it actually did not.

What’s a funny bit about it. Anytime I start talking how much I love this perfume, most of my friends tell me: Yeah, my mum/grandmother loves that too! 🙂

I guess it can be a great present for your mum or grandmother. Also, if you are in a younger age as me, there’s a new Chanel N°5 in a lighter version. I smelled it and it’s smells so good too! More floral and lighter, yet it has got the typical scent in it.

This perfume is not one of the cheapest ones, but let me tell you: It’s worth every penny! 🙂

Have you tried this perfume before? Did you like it? What’s your significant perfume?

   Marketa xx

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