Although a film festival in Cannes is finishing today and I was not there, yet as I hope 🙂  I found a way how to feel like walking a red-carpet in my own way without actually being there. Even at a time when red-carpet-season is over. To achieve that, L’Oreal Paris helped me a little bit.

This year L’Oreal Paris is celebrating 20 years anniversary of their partnership with the Cannes Film Festival.

On that note L’Oreal Paris came with a lipstick in a completely new shade in the range of Color Riche. The shade is 357 Red Carpet. It’s a limited edition and it can be found on Amazon for £6.99.

The packaging of the lipstick is in a red velvet fabric with a gold palm leave at the bottom. The scent of the lipstick is not too overwhelming, but it’s very typical for L’Oreal’s lipsticks actually. If you look closely, you can see engraved symbols of palm leaves, L’Oreal Paris and number 20.


Applying went very smoothly, the color is bold and bright. Pigmentation is very high and wearability is long-lasting. Although the pigmentation is high, it doesn’t dry my lips because of a satin finish.

As a lover of red shades, I can imagine myself wearing it all year long. Overall, the lipstick feels like a luxurious product without the need of ruining your wallet. It stays on your lips all day long and while I was eating food with a little bit of olive oil in it, the lipstick did came a little bit off. For me personally, it’s not such a big deal.

Have you try this lipstick? Are you a big fan of red lipsticks?

img_8954  Marketa x


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