Having nicely done eyebrows is kind of important to me as you can tell a lot with them. My preferred style is a natural look. Nothing overdraw a la Instagram style, or tiny lines like in thirties. For my natural look I use only two products and both of them are from Maybelline.

Firstly, I start with Maybelline Brow Satin Eyebrow Pencil in a shade Dark Brown. This pencil is very easy to use and if you travel somewhere, it’s handy to take with you. It has got two sides. One side is an actual pencil which you don’t have to sharp with a sharpener. The other side has a little sponge with eyeshadow inside of the closing bit. Anytime you close it, you actually add the eyeshadow on the sponge.



I usually start with the pencil. Depends on how hard you press, the color is going to be darker. After that, I take the other side with sponge and fill my eyebrows even more.

img_8802 img_8803

What’s great with this product, you can easily build it up. Depending on you, how dark you want it to have. You can use only a pencil if you prefer, or only an eyeshadow. You can use it the other way around. Firstly the sponge and then to use the pencil to fill up missing pieces.


After finishing my brows with pencil, I use Maybelline Brow Drama in a shade Medium Brown. It’s a mascara for your brows. This step you can easily miss if you want to. This mascara has got a brush in a circle shape. The size of it is between small to medium. If you’d prefer to have your brows skinnier, I guess using this product might be kind of tricky. I like using it as fixes your brows, make them to stay on the place whole day long. What I like about this mascara is, you can use it on its own. If you’d prefer to have a no make-up make-up day, you can have a very nice natural look with it. Again, depending on you and what look you want to create, you can easily build it up. With this product, it will have some empty pieces but it’s great for a definition with a natural look.

img_8799 img_8800

I used this product when I started doing my brows. I wanted something simple and light, to learn how to do my brows and just got used to a new look of me.

I highly recommend both of those products. They’re not expensive, easy to use and you can create a nice look within a few minutes.

Have you tried those two products? Were you happy with them? What are your favorite brow products?

M x


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