Blue lips become kind of a big hit this year and I must admit I really like this trend. When I found this blue liquid lipstick by Focallure Luxe on Amazon for only £0.88 I immediately knew I’ll give it a try.

The product was delivered in about 2 weeks and it’s not a part of Prime.

Although this lipstick is blue, it has purple, pink and gold glitters in it. Depends on the lighting you’ll see a different color but the main is always blue.

The applicator is big and it was kind of tricky at the first place to apply the lipstick. I’d prefer the applicator what Kylie Jenner’s liquid lipstick has. Yet, the application of the actual lipstick was easy and the lip color is buildable.

Would I recommend this liquid lipstick?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO. Although the color looks very nice in the tube, that’s the only positive I found about this lipstick. It’s not long-lasting as it says on the tube. It dries out my lips after a few minutes since applying, and as you can see on a photo below it kind of wrinkled my lips as well. It’s definitely not long lasting because it started to peel off very quickly and lots of dry bits ended up in my mouth -> not on a purpose. Lastly, the scent is very chemical, if I am being honest it reminds me of a nail polish.

Who could like this product?

Well it may be good for kids just for fun, or if you are going to festival. It could be used on your face as well although I have not try it so I don’t know how lasting it could be.

Do you like blue lips? What lipstick would you recommend?

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