When I heard about the banana range by the Body Shop for the first time, it was slightly too late for me to try. At that time it was completely sold out as it was a limited edition. Luckily, the Body Shop brought this range back permanently. So when I saw it, I knew I have to give it a try!

Firstly, lets start with the scent because it’s what made me to give it a try at the first place! It smells like mashed bananas which you want to eat straight away! 🙂 Also, I could smelt the scent on my hair for another two day since I washed my hair.

The aim of this range are people with normal to dry hair. My hair are very dry with tends to have dreads if not brushed properly. An issue I have since childhood plus experimenting with shades of any red color at home did not help either. So I was curious to see if this could help with the issue I have without loosing volume. My hair tend to be drooping too.

When I purchased the whole range, I got a great deal – when you buy a shampoo, you get a conditioner for free. It’s always good to check up on their deals.

The shampoo is more runny than the conditioner which has more creamy texture. The shampoo doesn’t foam as other shampoos I’ve tried. So it was a little bit confusing when I tried it for the first time. As I’ve mentioned, the conditioner is more creamy so you can feel that  your hair are smoother when you washed it off. On top of that I used the hair mask, let me tell you, the scent is amazing! The texture is very creamy and when you wash the mask off, you can feel instantly how smooth your hair are.

I’ve enjoyed this range a lot, especially for its scent! All of those products works really well altogether but I don’t think the shampoo only would help with my dry hair. For me personally, the best product from those 3 is definitely the hair mask! Not just for its scent but for its results too. That’s the product I’ll repurchase it again for sure.

Have you tried this range before? What other products by Body Shop would you recommend?

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