This bag full of goodies was a gift by Clarins when you have purchased at least two products and one of them had to be skincare. You could choose what would be in your bag – skincare or make-up. Because I’m still new to Clarins, I thought I’d give a try to their skincare products.

Before I’ll start with an actual review, please can we adore how pretty this bag is? 🙂


As you can guess from the name of this daily cream, it's a silky cream. It's very light, it moisturizes very well and leaves my skin with a silky feel. It workes so well with my foundation so during the day I don't find any dry patches and my foundation looks all-day-long very smooth and flawless.


This mask has actually a very similar color to the bottle - a pastel purple. Even though, the actual mask is a pastel purple, when you apply it on your face, it soaks in as a cream. I used kind of a generous amount so for me this tube lasts for 2/3 uses. I let it on my skin for about 10 to 20 minutes. Probably much longer than it's suggested before washing it off. You can easily forget that you wear this mask because it doesn't tighten your skin as other masks do, yet you can feel that your skin feels firmer. After washing this mask off, I could feel a little bit difference but for more visible results I'd suggest use it slightly more.


This cream is slightly heavier than the one I use for a day. It leaves my skin hydrated, soft and soaks in very well. In the morning I always wake up with such a great skin - looking and feeling. With night creams, I tend to use a little bit more of product for an extra care.


Hands are quiet a tricky subject for me because they're very dry. So to find a really good hand cream is a little bit difficult for me. This one obviously did not help me with the dryness. It does work really well, so any time I've used it my hands felt and looked much better than before. But they're still dry. I knew this would happen. Yet, I believe that it's a great hand cream if you don't suffer with very dry hands or eczema.

In total, all of those products works so well with my skin. Only after a week using them I can see such a huge improvement with my skin. My pores are smaller, skin looks more flawless, feels softer and I don’t suffer with so many dry patches as I used to before. If you ever wonder if Clarins products are worth the hype, I’d say they are! I’ll definitely purchase the day and the night cream in a full size because nothing can beat the feel and look of a flawless skin 🙂

What are your top products by Clarins? Have you tried any of products I've mention in this post? And were you lucky enough to purchase this bag full of goodies too? 🙂
   Marketa x


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