I am a big fan of Argan Oil. I mainly use it for my hair, which seems to be in much better condition since then. When I’ve seen this range in Waitrose, the first thing what caused my eye was the bright blue color which kind of stood out of other shampoos and conditioners. What made me to give those products a try was a scent of it.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Those product worked well with my hair. It helped with dryness, did not make my hair oilier than it’s necessary but what was the best about the product is the fact that my hair smelled so lovely even couple of days later I’ve washed my hair. Sometimes I found myself with wondering what’s the nice smell until I realized it’s my hair 🙂

Hand Cream

This hand cream smells divine as every product from this collection! It helps to keep my hands feel soft. Because I suffer from a big dryness and almost an eczema, it’s very hard to find a really good hand cream. Unless, it’s E45. This cream is going to work well with everyone because it does a great job PLUS I had a few people asking if they can use it as well because of the scent 🙂 But if you’re like me, it won’t help you with a big dry patches or even an eczema.

Lip Balm

This product was the only one which was kind of a disappointment for me. Firstly, it doesn’t smell as nice as other products from the collection. It’s because it contain a shea butter which should help to moisturized your lips. When I applied it at night, I woke up with sort of dry lips. I prefer using this product over a lipstick or as a lip gloss. Unfortunately, it was not moisturizing enough for me.

Have you try products from Argan Oil 5+? What are your thoughts? What product/collection would you recommend?

Marketa x

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