When I heard about Antipodes for the first time was more than a year ago. For somebody who would love to travel Down Under (doesn’t matter if it’s Australia or New Zealand) it was a must-try products made by this company.

When this item arrived to my home, I felt overexcited. I felt in love with this cream from a day one, even though it took me a while to find the way when and how this product use it.

Firstly, I’d like to start with the packaging. On the first sight, the paper box gives you a natural vibe with the green floral painting. The pot is made of glass. Feels a little bit heave but has a luxurious feel as well. The scen of this cream is sweet, a little bit sweeter than a vanilla ice cream, if you compare it with it. 🙂 Because of the sweetness, the scent may not work well with everyone. Sometimes, it tends to get a little bit overwhelming. This part of the cream depends on a personal preference then.

The cream is thick and heave. When I turned the pot upside down, the cream did not move at all! Because of the thickness, this cream works really well like a night cream.

At the beginning, I kind of struggled with this cream. My skin was oily so it was not the best option for me at that time. Then winter arrived and an issue with the dry skin as well. So I put my hands on it again. Finally, it works really well with my skin.. I add a little bit of extra for the night and a little bit less for the day. Since I’ve started using heavy foundations my skin needs a little bit of extra care and mainly hydration.

This cream has proved me that it’s hard to judge a product after first use. Yo always have to give it a time, especially when it comes to skincare products. Some months it might work very well, other months it might be a completely different story. As our lives change, the level of stress too. Some nights we sleep over 8 hours, other nights it might be only 3 hours. All of our habits can be seen on our skin easily than we can ever imagine. Vanilla Pod is one of those creams I’ll definitely reach again during with months and during my dry-skin days.

Have you heard about this brand called Antipodes? Have you tried their Vanilla Pod cream? What other products made by them have you tried/would recommend? Are any of their products on your wishlist?

  Marketa x


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