Clarins is a French luxury company which focuses on skincare, cosmetics and perfumes. Clarins was founded in 1954 and I can’t believe that I was waiting for so long before I tried any of their products. A while ago I was testing skincare products from Clarins and wrote a review about it here. As a result of my happiness I decided to invest into their day and night cream from their blue range which focuses on a dry skin. I’ve been using this combo for couple of months with other new skincare products and I think it’s the right time to do an updated review.

Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream for £36 has become one of my favourite creams for its silky feel. It’s a light cream which soaks into my skin quickly, you don’t need that much and the silky feel afterwards is so nice. Foundation applies so smoothly and my skin looks and feels soft and hydrated all day long.

Multi-Active Nuit Revitalizing Night Cream for £44 is a little bit heavier than the silky cream. Yet you don’t need that much because a little goes a long way. In the morning I always wake up with a smoother skin. If I use a little bit too much, it can get oilier so I tend to use less than more.

At the beginning of using those two creams, I had a very dry skin so it took a while before my skin got used to them.  Sometimes I ended up using more of the night cream to make sure I don’t have to use as much of the day cream. The reason was that it would take for ages to soak in and when you have to get ready for work in a short time, need to apply foundation … Well being a girl is not an easy task, especially in the morning 🙂

Tip: Always make sure that you use products focused on the type of skin you have. Since I’ve changed the way how I look after my skin by changing certain products, or even by adding more products into my skincare regime, my skin has never looked so well before. Even people who have not seen me for a while could tell the difference. But you don’t have to worry as I’m going to talk about it very soon 🙂

To get both of those products – even just one of those – might be a little bit pricey. They’re luxurious products and the packaging itself has got the luxurious feel already. The scent is not overwhelming so when you open it, it doesn’t hit your nose. To be honest, I don’t even notice the scent. Those two creams work so well as a combo for me and I understand why so many people are so obsessed with Clarins. Every of their products I’ve tried never disappointed me.

Bonus: If you buy any Clarins products in Debenhams worth ££ you can get a bag full of goodies. Check out in your nearest counter what’s the minimum you have to spend and what products you could get with a current offer as it keeps changing. This is a great opportunity how to try lots of their products if you’re not sure they’ll suit your needs. Their samples in those goodie bags offer a good amount of the product which might last you at least one week so you can make your own opinion. Also, their bags are really pretty – good for traveling or like a new make-up bag.

I’ve been using those creams for about 3 months now, and I’ve not finished them all yet. During those 3 months I heard so many compliments on my skin and I could see an improvement of my skin on days when I usually don’t wear any make-up because there’s nothing better than to feel really good in your own skin without the need of wearing make-up. Right ladies? 🙂

Have you tried those two creams? Were you happy with their results? What other Clarins product would you recommend?

With love

Marketa x


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