Even we had the warmest summer in the UK since I’ve been here, which was great! My skin was not on the top as British summer. As you know from my previous post which you can find here, I was going through lots of life changes which caused me lots of stressed. Unfortunately it was seen on my skin.

When I went to a local Body Shop, I was hoping to find a product which would calm my skin and give it a first aid. Luckily, this product gave it to me 🙂

It has a creamy consistency without any scent. Which is good for those who’s got a sensitive skin. The creamy consistency helps to your skin if it’s really dry which might be very handy in those cold days and nights during winter. Aloe helps to your skin calm down.

What I love about this product is, that it really helped! My skin calmed down, after using this product I feel my face is much softer. What I recommend is to use it twice a day. You’ll see that after a while you won’t have to use that much of cream as your skin will be soft enough.

Have you try this product? What other products would you recommend by The Body Shop?

M x


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