I am a huge fan of an Italian cuisine! 🙂 Since my childhood I absolutely love Spaghetti in every way! When I have decided to treat myself with a nice trip to Rome, I also felt very excited about trying a real Italian food a.k.a pasta, pizza, gelato and wine! I’d like to share my experience with you guys to show you what a real Italian food look like and mainly, what it taste like! 🙂



Having Pizza for lunch in Rome or in Italy itself is a must! 🙂 After a long walk since morning seeing history monuments as many as you can, you can get pretty tired and start feeling hungry very easily.


What you can find in Rome’s streets are their own fast food shops full of different types of pizza! You just choose which one you want, you can combine different flavours and off you go! All those pizzas are freshly made with fresh ingredients.


Sometimes you can even see how they make them, how they put them in to the oven and how they take them out. They keep them warm. If there is any cold pizza, they heat it up for you in the oven. They even ask you if you want it to be warmer, so you don’t have to worry. 🙂  Be ready that around lunch time it can get there very busy. From my own experience, the queue did not matter. Who shouted faster and got an attention of a shop assistant first, was the winner!


Unfortunately for me, all pizzas I have chosen were already taken so I bet on what I know and gave a try to a classic mozzarella pizza. I must admit that it was a very good decision! The tomato sauce was very fresh, totally different than what I know here in London. They add a lot of fillings on the top and in one word, it was just DELICIOUS! 🙂

Also I’d like to mention this pizza. It might not be looking really tasty for your eyes at a first place, but trust me. This one is definitely worth of mentioning and even more of giving a try! 🙂

FullSizeRender (3)

Let me introduce you a Salmon Pizza. You will probably think on a first place, who would put a salmon on a pizza? Well here you go 🙂

You should have know that I am a big lover of salmon, so when I have seen this on a menu I thought that I will give it a try. And let me to tell you, it was definitely worth it!

The base was crispy on edges but soft enough in the middle. Firstly they put an olive oil on pastry, covered it with eidam cheese and mozzarella. The green bits which you can see is a fresh coriander. And now we come to the main thing, which is the salmon. I must admit that the salmon could be presented on that pizza much better. I would prefer smaller pieces all over the pizza. But enough of compliments. Salmon was very tasty, not dry at all. It was actually very soft that it almost melted on my tongue.

Even though I felt firstly disappointed when I have seen it, you probably can’t judge by the look of it. Because once you put it into the mouth, it tasted as heaven. If you make your own pizza at home, I think I would suggest mixing an olive oil with crushed garlic. Not sure if they have put it in it. This pizza is one of a few on the top I have ever tried in my life!


For a starter, we have decided to try Fried Artichokes. I have never try them before in this way, so I was very keen to give it a go!

FullSizeRender (4)

As you can see from a photo above, the darker edges were very crispy and lighter bits in the middle were very soft. It was salty enough, and very tasty. A very nice combination of crispnesses with softness. The only downside was that it was too oily. A part from that, it was a very nice starter.


What would be an experience of trying a real Italian cuisine without their worldwide known pasta! For that choice, I went for one of my favourite one, Spaghetti Carbonara.


Before I start reviewing this meal, I’d like to explain not-big-enough portion. An Italian Menu has sections like First Menu and Second Menu. What it means, that your first choice would be pasta. The portion is not too small, but not even too big. The reason is that you have enough space in your tummy for a Second Menu which can be a pizza.

I hope it all makes a sense to you guys.

Here comes my choice of Spaghetti Carbonara. Back at home in London, I love this version of pasta. I was very much looking forward trying it from real Italian Chefs. Their pasta were, how they say, al dente. Not undercooked, not overcooked. I think that they take them out just before they are done. Which is probably a difference to how we prepared them here.

The sauce was very nice and creamy. Bacon was very nice too. Unfortunately for me who is not a meaty person, I left most of my bacon due to some white bits and the bacon was not prepared in a way how I like it. Don’t get me wrong, it was all nice and tasty, it is just my own preference.

I think that this dish was completely different to what I know here in London. It was more yellow and the whole experience was just different. I still keep it as one of my favourite sauce which goes with spaghetti.

This post is getting too long so let me stop here for now. I hope you enjoyed my food experiences in Rome. If you liked it, please wait as in 2 days there is going to be another blog post. This time it is going to be about their desserts and gelato. If you have a sweet tongue as I do, I promise you that you have something to look forward to it!

Before I go, tell me your experiences with an Italian cuisine. What’s the best dish you have ever tried, and what’s the worst. Do you have any recipe you’d like to share with us? 🙂

M x

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