I am a big fan of Origins. I like the fact that everything smells not chemically but naturally, and all of their products never disappointed me. Recently, I slightly changed my skincare routine. I added 3 of theirs products into my regime and I will give you a review each of them this week 🙂

Let’s start with their toner because it’s the first product I use out of those three. I wanted this toner for a while because it smells so incredibly! It’s from their A Perfect World range. This collection is infused by antioxidant-rich White Tea. It prevents a premature skin from aging and wards off radical damage. It smells very sweet and citrusy. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard not to try to taste it because it does remind me of my favorite tea with lots of lemon juice in it! 🙂 The name of this product says it all! 🙂

I apply it twice a day just by adding a few drops on a cotton wool and apply it all over my face. It doesn’t dry my skin because it’s alcohol free. Even though it’s oil free as well it makes my skin soft, fresh, brightened and prepared for other products I’ll use afterwards.

Have you tried this toner? What other toners would you recommend?

    Marketa xx

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