Today is a big day in America because they’re celebrating Thanksgiving. It’s time when families visit each other, they eat lots of food and usually give thanks they have. Although I am not American, I’ve never visited America (yet) and I don’t think I actually even know somebody who’s originally from over there so I thought why not to stop myself for a while to think about things I am really thankful for.


Life is the most precious gift I’ve ever got. When I say I am thankful for life, it’s not just for the fact that I can be here right now. I am surprisingly thankful for everything what happened to me, even for the bad things. Because without them, I would be a completely different person. Of course that it would not happen without lots of healing process and therapy. But still… I could turn up into much worst individual. I am always grateful for waking up every morning and to live each day like there’s no tomorrow. Because you never know. Also, live each day like a new beginning. Don’t let destroy your path by one bad day/grumpy person. It’s not worth it.


Without a health there would be no life. Or at least an easy one. It might sound like cliche but when you are younger and somebody is wishing you a good health on your birthday, you don’t appreciate it or don’t get the meaning of it until something happens. I’m grateful for health because I’ve seen young kids being unhealthy and I saw what impact it might have not only on the individual.


That’s a passion of mine. Always was, even when I couldn’t afford it, I always wanted to travel because the world has so much to offer. I remember being a child who’s collecting magazines from travel agencies and looking at all of those places I’d love to visit. I still keep doing that. Well not collecting travel magazines but looking at all places I’d love to visit and making plans for my future trips and holidays.


My life was not an easy one at the beginning. I was surrounded by good people as well as bad ones. I used to have lots of friends who I called best friends to find out that they’re gone when I was going through one of the toughest time of my life. Luckily, I was lucky enough to meet couple of good friends who supported me and never let me down when I was so miserable. I will be always grateful for it. Anytime I look at our old photos from parties, I just know how lucky I was at that time although I hardly saw it. And now? Right now I don’t have that many best friends, actually only one who’s here for at least 10 years. She came to my life when I lost the ones I cherished the most. We had our ups and downs but right now, we are here at our best. Although she doesn’t live behind the corner, we are lucky enough to have Internet in 21st century. Without her, I would hardly be the woman I am today ❤


When I was a child, we did not have mobile phones or Internet. We had books. It must sound like a big cliche to lots of kids at the moment, I know. But I am a lover of books since… I remember when I learned how to read books, kids at the school struggled while reading loudly to the teacher while I was like a pro. I got so excited that I can do something what others hardly could do that I read it super-fast. What I love about books is that it was and it still is a great escape from a real life. Also, when I read an actual book (not talking about e-book now), I always make a relationship with it. Kind of remember when I read it the first time and what I loved about it so much at that time. This always change, in the best way of course. I try to read as much as I can, at least one book a week if time let me. Also can’t forget to mention that I am always supporting Czech authors – so happy that e-books exist because very soon I would have no space where to put all of my books, not that I have any space now. I do read in English as well because it helps me to improve my English.

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So those are things I am really grateful for. What are you grateful for and why?

With love



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